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A place to sit

Give me a place to stand,” said Archimedes, “and I will move the world.”

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer of the 3rd century BC. He worked a stone table and rarely sat.* To the curious, Archimedes was referring to the compound pulley, which is found in modern elevators and cranes. To the curioser, each pulley halves the load, and each additional pulley again halves the load, so you can easily lift up any heavy object.

Today, we say, “Give me a Sherrill sectional to sit and I won’t move.”


[caption id=”attachment_24065″…

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Left, right, and corner

Sherrill 3185 sectional


Custom Sectionals by Sherrill

Left facing or right facing, the Sherrill 3185 sectional fits the interior designer’s need. It is clean and crisp, modern and contemporary, perfect for any room where people like to gather and converse.

Some people think it is too pretty to sit on.

The Sherrill 3185 sectional is versatile, allowing you to add multiple components to suit your needs. So whether the corner needs to be on…

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Choose wisely

sherrill-catalogsIt should be your choice. Fabric is about a lot of things: style, beauty, durability, compatibility with your décor and, of course, your individual taste.

Sherrill has thousands of colors, weaves, and patterns from which you can select. In fact, they have more fabrics in stock than any other upholstered furniture manufacturer. Sherrill focuses on designing and constructing frame styles that not only meet the demands of today but that will remain timeless. So, come visit Traditions Home in Wichita or Traditions Furniture in Overland Park.

We’ll design it….

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