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Hello Gorgeous Pillow


Little Birdie
Hello Gorgeous Pillow
20″ x 14″ rectangle
Washable canvas, polyester insert
Made in Mississippi

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Hello Gorgeous Pillow. Yes, I am talking to you. You are beautiful, no gorgeous, inside and out. Try handing this delightful pillow to a guest and get things started. A wonderful companion to the Hey, Handsome Pillow. Washable canvas, durable print.

Designed and manufactured in Calhoun City, Mississippi, Little Birdie pillows are the perfect way to cozy up any space! These fun and adorable pillows are made from a soft yet durable polyester fabric, and arrive stuffed with poly-fill and sewn shut. Little Birdie designs are dyed directly into the fabric, so they won’t peel or crack. A simple message, a great gift.


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