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Howdy pardner, welcome to the cabin, sit awhile, stay awhile, don't mind the noise in the woods. It's likely to be a bear or moose who has come to graze on the flowers and trees. Enjoy the day, at night sleep well, sleep in. Chandler 4 Corners brings back the art of making hooked wool throw pillow using skilled artisans. Only designs by well-known artist like Laura Megroz and Judith Reilly, 100% wool, plush velveteen backing, a work of art to treasure and enjoy.

Man's Best Friend

Cats and Birds

Wild West


Forest Critters

Not lions and tigers, but bears and deer and moose and elk make up the denizens of these woods lovely, dark, and deep. Chandler 4 Corners accent pillows, designs by Laura Megroz.

In Vermont it's Winter from November til May

So we ski fast

And wait for Santa

Chandler 4 Corners, a small family business in Manchester, Vermont lives by the motto, Accent Your Life! Many of their pillows are designed by Vermont artist Laura Megroz, whose designs are nostalgic, fanciful, artistic, colorful, and down-right cute. Add a decorative throw pillow in the room, toss it on the sofa, chair, or bed, and add a touch of color and some well-meaning humor. 

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If you count cows to people, Vermont has the largest number of dairy cows. If you like maple syrup, you have come to the right state. Vermont was once claimed by both New Hampshire and New York. Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys were largely responsible for making Vermont its own state. "Unity and Freedom" Vermont's motto reflects a balance of personal individual freedom and an individual's responsibility to their community.

Vermont covered wooden bridge

Vermont has more than one hundred 19th-century covered wooden bridges, and they all lead to Manchester, Vermont, home to Chandler 4 Corners, to the cabins and farms, and to the home of and designer Laura Megroz.

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