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Furniture is meant to fit you, and we can help it do just that

We've got plenty of options to express your style

Whether you want to completely redesign your space or find special pieces to highlight your style, our in-store consultation services will help you discover how your home can be an expression of you.


Beauty and function contribute to your overall style

Throughout your experience, we’ll discuss the form and functionality of a piece to ensure it fits who you are, what you like, and how you live.

During your designer-led consultation we'll discuss:

  • Current function of the space and how you experience life in it.

  • Your personal style and taste preferences.

  • How you hope to feel and live in your new space.

During your custom design we'll discuss.jpg

This is about you loving the process of building your space, and the space itself 

We recommend you bring photos, Pinterest boards, color samples, and anything else that’ll help us experience your home the way that you do, and the way you want to. 

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